6 ways to walk away from depression

Depression causes mental rumination– what feels like a broken record in your head. The same negative thoughts keep playing over and over. This pattern is very hard to break by talking yourself out of, which, as you can imagine, may actually worsen the problem!

This overwork taxes your brain and is associated with insomnia, irritability, lack of interest and lethargy. Depression is exhausting!

The best non—medication way would be to change either your behavior or thought process. While the best way to work on your thoughts is under the watchful eyes (truly ears) of a trained therapist. Some easy-to-do ways to help yourself are behavioral.

Behavior changes that help get rid of depression:

  1. Exercise:

    Probably the best way to break this endless loop of depression, exercise improves wellness hormone levels and your mood, all while helping your body.

  2. Make love:

    This behavior can be so antithetical to being depressed that it may snap you out of it (even if momentarily)!

  3. Hang out with friends and family:

    Again, your depression is going to fight you tooth and nail against leaving home, but guess what- you gotta fight back!

  4. Board games and books instead of TV to relax:

    Choose to spend your evenings relaxing by reading a book or playing board games with friends, this promotes a sense of well-being without hindering sleep. You can use the Key App to promote better sleep.

  5. Go for a walk:

    A stroll in the park or around the block is the kind of “active procrastination” that promotes thinking, mindfulness and general health.

  6. Write a narrative:

    Writing down your thoughts can help refocus your attention on what’s most important and may help you examine yourself in therapeutic ways.

So, this evening, pour yourself some chamomile, put on your favorite music and play some cards with your loved ones- get your serotonin soaring like never before 🙂

Track how well you are doing with Key- Turn it Right!

What do you do to uplift your mood? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section.


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