This Week On Quora- Top 5 Wellness Questions Posed to KeyLife

1. Does your face get prettier when you lose a lot of weight?


In fact the contours of the face and the rest of the body are finished by the most superficial layer just under the skin- the adipose (fat) layer. If one loses an excess amount of weight, it may lead to a cachectic/wasted appearance. Besides it’s dangerous to lose so much weight as the “wasting” is happening not just to your face but also essential organs like heart and brain.

2. Is it normal to eat paper as my girlfriend does?


Eating non-food items such as paper, dirt or ice is called “pica” and although could be due to psychological or behavioral causes, the most common cause would be a nutritional deficiency such as anemia. A visit to the doctor is warranted.


3. What happens if you never get help for depression?


Depression is a chronic illness just like asthma and diabetes. Similarly, it ebbs and flows and may fool you into thinking that you are better and don’t need treatment. But then either due to a difficult situation in life or change in your medical status, it creeps up on you again. To think one can wish depression away is, let’s just say, wishful thinking. Medicines and therapy are very helpful when used effectively.


4. I feel anxious/depressed when sober from cannabis. Should I completely stop or just smoke a ton less?


It has been difficult for you to stay away from cannabis. I commend you for your strength and considering stopping. Usually when any use has gone on for a while, trying to stop without help is unlikely to succeed. Please reach out for help.


5. What happens if you take 20 antidepressants?


You may develop a life threatening complication called serotonin syndrome. I am concerned about your safety if you are even considering something like that. Please reach out for help by calling emergency services. If you are in the US, you may call 1–800-LIFENET or 911. Again, to you and to any other readers, combining even two different antidepressants may be dangerous, let alone 20!

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