The Dairy Aisle Wars: Episode 1, The Soy Story

As a young child, I remember taking walking trips with my mother, from home to the dairy. At the time, raising cows was permitted within city limits. We would take our empty can and hand it to the milkman. Soon enough, the can was handed back to my mom filled with warm, frothy milk that we … Continue reading The Dairy Aisle Wars: Episode 1, The Soy Story


Kid-proof ideas for Picky Eaters

Many parents will identify with this: "My baby used to be hungry all the time before she turned two but now she does not want to eat anything!" It is completely normal for a toddler to be a picky eater. The fastest rate of weight gain occurs in the first 6 months of life (5-7 ounces … Continue reading Kid-proof ideas for Picky Eaters

Diagnosing Food Allergies in Kids

It is not uncommon for me to get this question from parents in my practice, " Can you order a test to find out what my child is allergic to?" The answer is yes and no. Before we initiate any test for food allergies, we need to ask ourselves if we have a suspicion that the … Continue reading Diagnosing Food Allergies in Kids

Does prayer heal? The answer may surprise you.

Overheard in my workplace locker-room- "You are not feeling better because you only believe in taking medicines, not prayers. If you have Faith and pray, you will feel better". I am not an atheist, but I realized that I have never resorted to praying to help heal my body. I also realized, that there are … Continue reading Does prayer heal? The answer may surprise you.

5 ways to be a Well-Woman

As soon as International Women's Day nears, I see a lot of ads that prompt women to "Pamper Yourself" or "Celebrate Womanhood" by spending a day at the spa, getting your nails painted or, perhaps, a new hairstyle. While I have nothing against salons and spas ( I just don't think they have any exclusive … Continue reading 5 ways to be a Well-Woman